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Something a character performs. An Action has to be declared and is then resolved.

Every Action has a Action Cost which can be 0.

Name Category Cost Reaction
Say 3 words com Free False
Say sentence com Simple False
Say complex sentence com Complex False
Walk move No False
Run move No False
Sprint move Complex False
Jump move Simple False
Climb move Complex False
Swim move Complex False
Crouch Walk move No False
Crawl move Complex False
Jump for Cover move Simple True
Dodge shift Free True
Crouch shift Free False
Stand shift Simple False
Stand Up shift Complex False
Jump Up shift Simple False
Drop Down shift Free True
Get Down shift Simple False
Turn shift Free False
Peek shift Free False
Duck Back shift Free True
Take Cover shift Simple True
Interrupt meta Free False
Postpone meta Simple False
Delay meta Complex False
Overwatch meta Complex False
Melee Attack melee combat Complex False
Parry melee combat Free True
Single Shot ranged combat Simple False
Fast Shots ranged combat Complex False
Burst Shot ranged combat Simple False
Short FA Burst ranged combat Simple False
Long FA Burst ranged combat Complex False
Brace Weapon ranged combat Simple False
Throw Weapon ranged combat Simple False
Evasive Action ranged combat Simple False
Target ranged combat Free False
Sight ranged combat Simple False
Aim ranged combat Simple False
Evade combat Free False
Draw Weapon combat Simple False
Reload combat Complex False
Orient general Simple False
Observe general Complex False
Cast astral Complex False
Counterspell astral Simple True
Banish astral Complex True
Sustain astral No False
Matrix Action matrix Complex False