Astral Space

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Astral Space is a space mirroring Real Space. Most physical objects that exist in Real Space have a representation in Astral Space. However this representation is gray and shadowy if the object is not a living object. Light in Astral Space is only generated by living objects via their Auras. Astral Space is ethereal in a sense that only astrally active objects like Spirits, dual-natured creatures or projecting magicians are solid while the rest can be passed through. Living earth as part of the gaiasphere is also solid.

Astral Space is heavily affected by emotions of sentient and especially sapient beings which show up as colors. Physical details on the other hand are hard to distinguish as meaning and conceptuality take reign. Astral Space tends to not represent objects that conceptually belong to other objects, especially living beings, separately. A such a human can be easily distinguished from a troll in Astral Space, but it is not possible to distinguish the clothing, armor or objects carried by the troll as long as the troll feels comfortable in carrying these objects. Even physically separate objects do not always have their own representation. As a rule of thumb, physically separate objects smaller than 10 cm that do not have a distinct, important purpose do not show up separately in Astral Space.

Small physical details, especially those related to displaying information in Real Space like signs and displays do not have a strong enough representation in Astral Space to be read. However handcrafted objects may convey something of their content via Assensing.

Sound does only exist in an emotional context in Astral Space. An astral observer might notice the emotional context of a conversation, but not its actual content.

Only Mana Spells can be cast in Astral Space. Drain in Astral Space is always physical.

Any being in Astral Space may chose to manifest at their current location in Astral Space.

A Character with the Astral Projection power can access and travel in Astral Space.