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Combat is a special high resolution rules mechanic to resolve situations where two or more Participants with opposing intentions and goals try to achieve certain Actions. Combat is mostly used for physical conflict, but can also be used for any kind of high resolution conflict resolution. Combat is structured in discrete consecutive Action Phases where the Participants are declaring and resolving Actions.

Combat Order

  1. Resolve Surprise
    1. Resolve Perception Test for ambushed Participants
    2. Apply Initiative Modifiers to ambushed Participants
  2. Resolve Combat
    1. Every participant starts with and Initiative Score of 0 plus and modifiers due to Surprise
    2. The Action Phase starts with 0 and is counted upwards
    3. Participants act in the Action Phase equal to their Initiative score
      1. Acting Participant declares Action
      2. Other Participants declare an Interrupt Action by declaring an Action (Recursive Loop)
      3. If Interruptions are declared, determine Reaction Rating for the acting Participant and interrupting Participants
      4. Actions are resolved in reverse order of Reaction Rating
      5. Initiative Score of acting and interrupting Participants are increased

Resolving Surprise

Surprise is taking place when a participant of a combat is distracted and thus not mentally ready for said combat and not expecting any high speed action. This participant is called ambushed. Before the ambush takes place the GM should roll Perception for the ambushed Participant to determine weather some observation, noise or other perception is able to change the Distraction Modifier of the ambushed Participant before the ambush is taking place. Depending on the Distraction Modifier of the ambushed participant, he starts combat with a given Initiative Score.

Determining Reaction Rating

The Reaction Rating is only used in case of Interruptions. If one ore more Interruptions are taking place, every Participant that is either interrupting or interrupted needs to determine its Reaction Rating for the Interruption. The Reaction Rating is calculated by adding a Gaussian Die to the Participants Reaction appropriate for the combat environment and subrtracting a value of 20 for every level of stacked Interruption.

Particpant A is acting. Participant B and C are interrupting A. D is interrupting C, resulting in the following Reaction modifiers: A: 0, B: -20, C: -20, D: -40

Resolve Combat Action

A combat Action is performed with a Modifier equal to the difference between the current Action Phase and the Initiative Score of the Character performing the Action.

After a combat Action is resolved, the Cost of the Action is added to the Characters Initiative Score.