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Contact Loyalty Table
Loyalty Description
-X Enemy
0 Oblivious
10 Brief or Shallow Relation
20 Acceptable Working Relation
30 Good Working Relation
40 Friend/ Trusted Work Partner
50 Trusted Friend, Love Partner
60 Very Close Friend, Life Partner
70 Best Friend for Life, Committed Life Partner
80 Emotional Dependence
90 Total Emotional Dependence


The Rating of a Contact describes how good he is in his field of expertise. If his field of expertise is a skill or group of skills, the Rating is equal to his Skill Rating. In other cases the Rating is dependent on how well he is connected himself or his influence and what resources he has at his disposal.

Contact Rating Table
Rating Skill Resources Influence
0 Inept Worker Street Lifestyle No Influence
10 Trainee Squatter Lifestyle Knows some people
20 Journeyman Low Lifestyle Has friends and contacts
30 Professional Low Lifestyle Couple of good friends and contacts
40 Veteran Medium Lifestyle Well connected, good number of contacts
50 Expert High Lifestyle Highly Connected, lots of contacts
60 Master Luxury Lifestyle Knows "everybody"
70 World Class Really Rich (50+ Millions) Megacorp Leading Executive, AGS Chancellor, Simsin Super-Star
80 Best of the Rest Filthy Rich (500+ Millions) UCAS President, Megacorp C-Level, Simsin Mega-Star
90 Best of the Best Money is no object (Multi Billionaire) AAA Megacorp C-Level, Greater Dragon