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Every time a Process wants to perform a Matrix Action for which he does not have the appropriate Access Rights, he has to perform a Cracking Test. Do do so a Process rolls Cracking/2 + (Exploit Program + System)/4 vs a threshold determined by the Firewall Rating of the relevant Node modified by the Access Rights needed for the Matrix Action in question. The Process may add up to -20 as a brute-force Task Modifier to this Test, which will also be used as a Task Modifier to any Analyze Process Tests trying to spot it cracking.

At the same time the cracked Node is running a Test using System vs a Difficulty given by the Processes Stealth Rating. The Node adds the brute-force Task Modifier the Process used to the Test.

The Task Quality of the test is, if positive, square added to the Security Tally of the Process in this Node.

The Base Time for a Cracking Test is 8 seconds.

Access Rights

Every time a Process accesses a Node it does so with Matrix Access Rights. The default Matrix Access Right is Anonymous Access. Depending on the Matrix Access Rights the Process is allowed to perform certain Matrix Actions.

Admin Access

There is only one Level of Admin Access Rights. Everything.

  • Edit subscription list
  • Edit security log
  • Edit accounts
  • Edit all files
  • Access all files
  • Slave Node

Security Access

Only in very special cases there might be Security Access Accounts with different rights.

  • Access security log
  • Control IC

User Rights

Most of the time different Accounts with User Rights have different Matrix Access Rights, depending on the particular File, Stream and Process in question .

  • Edit user files
  • Access user files
  • Start user processes

Anonymous Rights

  • Edit anonymous files
  • Access anonymous files
  • Start anonymous processes

Cracking Difficulties

Cracking Difficulties
Description Difficulty
get admin account 30
get security account 20
get user account 10
perform admin action

(except account editing)

perform security action 10
perform user action 0
Cracking Modifiers
Description Modifier
Device Firewall Firewall Rating
Slaved Device +10
Brute-Force -20 .. 0

Security Tallies

The Security Tally represents the evidence for illegal Exploit actions a Decker has performed in a Node. It increases every time the Node beats an intruders Stealth Rating during an Exploit action, where the new result is square added to the current Security Tally. If certain thresholds in the Security Tally are passed, the Node triggers different defensive actions as counter measures.

Base Values

Security Tally Base Ratings
Description Base Rating
Launch Analyse IC 10
Trace IC 15
Silent Alert 20
Combat IC 25
Active Alert 30
Shutdown 40


Launch Analyze IC

The Node will launch IC with an Analyze Program. The intention is to find Processes performing Exploit Actions. It will first try to find any Processes and observe what they are doing using the Find Process and Analyze Process Matrix Actions.

Launch Trace IC

The Node will launch IC with an Analyze Program. The intention is to find and trace Streams of suspicious Processes. It will first try to find the Stream and then find its origin using the Find Stream and Analyze Stream Matrix Actions.

Initiate Silent Alert

The Node is initiating Silent Alert Status.

Launch Combat IC

The Node will launch IC with a Corrupt Program. The intention is to crash the offending Processes. The IC will use the Crash Process and Slow Process Matrix Actions.

Initiate Active Alert

The Node is initiating Active Alert Status.


The Node is shutting down.