Damage Resolution

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Subtract Armor (only if target is armored)

  1. Find out the kind of Armor that affects the given Damage Type.
  2. If the target is protected by that type of Armor, compare the Damage Penetration with the Armor. For every multiples of 5 the penetration is below the Armor stage the Damage Kind down one Level.
  3. Subtract the Penetration of the Damage from the targets Armor. The Armor can not be reduced to less than zero.
  4. Subtract the remaining Armor from the Damage Points or Percent Damage

Determine Damage Points (only for Percent Damage)

If the Damage category is Percent Damage, calculate the actual Damage Points by multiplying the targets Maximum Life with the Percent Damage number.

Resist Damage (only if Damage can be resisted)

If the Damage can be resisted, make a Test with the given Attribute or Skill. Divide the Damage by 2 for every 10 Points of Test Quality.

Add Damage

If the target can be affected by the modified Damage Kind, add the remaining Damage Points to the targets Total Damage. A Bodypart can not take more Damage than its Destruction Threshold (normally 5) in Wounds. An more Damage that would bring the Bodypart to more Wounds than its Destruction Threshold is discarded.

Check for Wounds

  1. If Damage was added to the Targets Total Damage, divide the remaining Damage Points by the targets Wound Limit (round down).
  2. Add the number of Wounds to the targets Wound Count