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Legality describes how likely somebody carrying a piece of equipment is to be checked by the police, and how hard the consequences are when caught carrying it without permission.

The thresholds at which police starts to be suspicious depends on the area and of course on special circumstances. In addition, the letter 'R' denotes a restricted item, where a permission is needed, and the letter 'F' denotes a forbidden item for which a special permission is needed. If an item is not restricted or forbidden, but falls above the Legality Threshold for the area, the police might still check the SIN of the person carrying the item, and even ask to hand over the item to send it back later.

If the GM wants to check whether the owner of an openly displayed item will be checked by the police, roll a Test with Task Rating of 0 vs a Difficulty given by the Legality Threshold of the area minus the Legality of the item in question. The Task Duration is 5 minutes. if the item is not displayed openly, Perception tests against the Visibility have to be made first.

Legality Threshold Table
Area Threshold
AAA 10
AA 20
A 30
B 40
C 50
D 60
E 70
Z None