Matrix Access Methods

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The Matrix can be accessed in various ways. Most popular is Augmented Reality, followed closely by various forms of Virtual Reality. Every Matrix Access Method has various minimal requirements concerning Input and Output hardware. The relevant Matrix Access Methods can only be used of their minimum requirements are met. It is no problem to us a lower rated Matrix Access Method. Changing the Matrix Access Method is a Complex Action.


Physical Input

Augmented Reality Input

  • Transducer
  • Microphone
  • AR Gloves
  • Holographic Scanner

Slow Virtual Reality Input

  • Trodes
  • external Simrig

Virtual Reality Input

Hot Virtual Reality Input


Physical Output

  • Screen
  • Loudspeakers

Augmented Reality Output

Slow Virtual Reality Input

  • Trodes
  • external Sim Module

Virtual Reality Output

Hot Virtual Reality Output

Matrix Access Table
Access Method Reaction Matrix Action Cost Mod Test Mod Biofeedback Damage
Physical Physical x10 -10 None
Augmented Reality Physical +10 x5 -5 Fatigue
Slow Virtual Reality Matrix - 10 x2 +0 Fatigue
Virtual Reality Matrix x1 +0 Stun
Hot Virtual Reality Matrix + 10 x0.75 +5 Physical