Matrix Access Rights

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Every time a Process accesses a Node it does so with Matrix Access Rights. The default Matrix Access Right is Anonymous Access. Depending on the Matrix Access Rights the Process is allowed to perform certain Matrix Actions.

Admin Access

There is only one Level of Admin Access Rights. Everything.

  • Edit subscription list
  • Edit security log
  • Edit accounts
  • Edit all files
  • Access all files
  • Slave Node

Security Access

Only in very special cases there might be Security Access Accounts with different rights.

  • Access security log
  • Control IC

User Rights

Most of the time different Accounts with User Rights have different Matrix Access Rights, depending on the particular File, Stream and Process in question .

  • Edit user files
  • Access user files
  • Start user processes

Anonymous Rights

  • Edit anonymous files
  • Access anonymous files
  • Start anonymous processes