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Primary Matrix Attributes


Firewall represents the Nodes defenses against illegal actions. Firewall is independent of the Nodes hardware but instead depends on how large the user base of a Node is and on the Security Skill and time budget of the administrators maintaining the Node.


Processor represents a Nodes raw processing power. Larger server clusters tend to have higher Processor than smaller Cyberdecks and even smaller Commlinks or other Devices.


System represents the quality of a Nodes operating system, its error checking routines and ability to adapt and recover from faulty code. System is more expensive the higher a Nodes Processor attribute is.


Uplink describes the data quality and the speed and latency of the connection of the Node to the Matrix and other Nodes.
Uplink Table
Uplink Connection Quality
-30 No transfer/communications possible.
-20 Heavily distorted transfer/communication possible. Multiply all Base Times for Matrix Actions using this connection by 4.
-10 Distorted transfer/communications possible. Double all Base Times for Matrix Actions using this connection.
0 Normal communication possible. Physical Matrix Access possible.
10 AR Matrix Access possible.
20 Slow Virtual Reality Matrix Access possible.
30 Cold Virtual Reality Matrix Access possible. Remote Rigger Control possible.
40 Hot Virtual Reality Matrix Access possible.

Other Matrix Attributes


Integrity describes the health of a Node or Process. It is analogous to Life. If the Integrity reaches 0 the Process or Node crashes. Integrity can be repaired using the Repair Node and Repair Process Matrix Actionss.


The Signal Attribute describes the ability of a Node to process and send wireless signals. The higher the rating is, the stronger signals it can send and the better its reception hardware is. Every Signal Rating has a corresponding Range.

[math] \text{Signal Range} = 0.5 \times 5^\left( \text{Signal}/10 \right) [/math]

Signal Ranges Table
Signal Range
0 0 m
5 1 m
10 2 m
20 10 m
30 60 m
40 300 m
50 1.5 km
60 8 km
70 40 km
80 200 km
90 1000 km

Stealth Rating

Stealth Rating is used when a Process tries to hide itself from Analyze Process Tests. The Stealth Rating is also used when hiding from the system when using the Exploit Action.

Formula: Cracking/2 + (Stealth Program Rating + System)/4


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