Matrix Topology

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The Matrix Topology consists of four basic building blocks:

  • Nodes, that are the hardware and places of the Matrix
  • Processes that are the acting agents of the Matrix
  • Files that are the representations of information in the Matrix
  • Streams that represent inter-Node communication in the Matrix

Depending on the Matrix users Metaphor all these four building blocks are rendered as different Icons. A human, accessing the Matrix is a Persona, a special kind of Process, that can wander through the Matrix by using Streams to access other Nodes. A Personas location(s) is(are) at the Node(s) it is currently accessing, which always includes the Node the Persona is running. This means that a Perosna can be at multiple locations at the same time. However, each Persona has to distribute its Matrix Actions between the Nodes it is accessing. To access a Node a Process needs the location, the AID, of the Node in question and the relevant Access Rights. Every time a Process sends any request to Node, that is actually answered, it is accessing the answering Node and can be found by other Processes in the Node via the Find Process Matrix Action.