Ranged Combat

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Performing a Ranged Combat Action is a Test with a Difficulty of 20. Task Modifiers like Ranged Combat Modifiers may be applicable.

Furthermore, additional Modifiers depending on the distance apply. In this case the Distance Modifier represents the problem of shooting at a target far away because of visual decrease in apparent size, while the Range Modifier due to Weapon Range represents the increasing effect of weapon inaccuracy on long distances. The first effect can be negated by Vision Magnification, while the latter can not be negated.

If the target of the Ranged Combat Action is aware of the attack, it may roll a Dodge Test to counter the attack. The Task Quality of the Doge Test is, if positive, subtracted from the Task Quality of the Ranged Combat Test.

If the Task Quality of the Ranged Combat Test is positive, the target is hit. If suffers Damage given by the weapons Weapon Damage including Penetration. The Damage, but not the Penetration is doubled for every 10 points worth of Task Quality.

Automatic Fire

Whenever a Participant fires more than one round of ammunition per Action he is delivering Automatic Fire. The damage per round is calculated by resolving the Ranged Combat test and subtracting the Recoil value of the weapon times N-1 for every Nth round.

John Snow is firing 3 rounds in a salvo. The ranged combat test result is 31 and the recoil value of his weapon is 18. The first round hits with the original test result of 31, the second with 13 and the third one misses.

The Participant may decide to spread his salvo and make it less precise but also prevent dodging the attack. To do so he may take, before resolving the test, a negative Ranged Combat modifier of X, with X being no more than the number of rounds fired. The Dodge roll of the Target is then reduced by 2*X.

Suppression Fire

A Participant with a weapon capable of delivering Automatic Fire is also able to deliver Supression Fire. When declaring Suppression Fire the participant also declares the size and positioning of the area that will be suppressed. Suppression Fire is resolved like Ranged Combat attack with a Intensity Modifier depending on the area size.

The number of rounds hitting the designated area is calculated just like any other Attack using Automatic Fire. However, the Test Quality of the Test (if it is greater or equal to 0) is discarded. Instead each Participant in the area is hit with a Ranged Combat attack using the Weapon Damage of the weapon used in the Suppression Fire and a Task Quality equal the number of rounds per m2 plus a Gaussian Die.

Note that in most cases you need not roll the Ranged Combat Test as it will be extremely easy.

Area Attack

An Area Attack targets either an object (such as a car or an enemy) or a point in space (most of the time on the ground). If an object is targeted any Jump for Cover Test Task Quality of the target is subtracted from the Task Quality of the attacker. Any other objects in or near the target of the Area Attack are also allowed to perform Jump for Cover Tests to increase the distance to the target.

After any Jump for Cover Tests the ground zero of the attack is calculated by using the Scatter rules.

Any objects at ground zero take the full Damage of the area attack. Starting from the ground zero the damage is reduced by 2 for every Fall-Off Length distance between ground zero and any other object. Objects further away than the Maximum Length take no Damage.

Typical Area Attacks include: