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SIN Check

A SIN check is a computer based test that is checking various aspects of a SIN for validity with the goal of finding illegal SINs.To perform a SIN check, depending on the depth of the test, access rights to various databases are needed. Only the most thorough checks are able to access all needed databases.

A SIN check has the difficulty of the Rating of the illegal SIN a Base Time of a Complex Action and a Task Rating of 0. Only the Time Modifier applies to the Test. However the maximum Time Modifier is capped by the access rights of the SIN check.

SIN check table
Maximum Modifier Description
0 (2 sec) Autocheck
10 (10 sec) Police Check
20 (1 min) Airport Check
30 (16 min) Background Screening
40 (11h) Thorough Background Screening
50 (6 month) Complete Screening
  • Autochecks are performed routinely when taking part in high value transactions or when walking in A+ areas. The right to perform an Autocheck (or more precisely, the ability to request such a check), can be requested by every business.
  • Police checks are the standard checks the police does when checking suspicious people or by banks when performing very high value transactions. The right request these can be performed by very large businesses.
  • Airport checks are the routine check at airports. They are also done when somebody is in suspicion of having performed a crime. The right to perform Airport checks can only be requested by B+ corporations.
  • Background screens are done when transactions with a volume of more than 100.000.000 Nuyen are performed or somebody is accused of a serious crime. Only states and A+ corporations can perform these checks.
  • Thorough background screenings are used for billion Nuyen transactions or if somebody is accused of a capital crime. Only states and extraterritorial (AA, AAA) corporations can perform these checks.
  • Complete screenings are performed only in the most extreme cases (personality theft on C Level of AA and AAA Corporation level or heads of state). Only AAA and major states can perform these checks.