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Summoning allows a Character to call a Spirit to ones service.

To summon a spirit a character first determines the kind of Spirit and the Force of the Spirit to summon. The Summoning Test is an Opposed Test between the summoners Summoning Skill and the Spirits Force. The Spirits Force (Force/2 for Watchers) determines the Duration of the Test in Seconds.

If the summoner wins the test, the Spirit owes the summoner one Service. Additional points of Task Quality result in more services.

Spirit Services Table
Task Quality Services
0 1
10 2
20 4
30 8
40 16

The Summoner may chose, right after summoning the Spirit, to exchange one or more services for optional spirit powers.

After the Summoning Test, if successful or not, the Summoner is affected by Drain equal to 2*Force (Force for Watchers) of the Spirit.

Summoned Spirits only stay till sunset/sunrise (depending on the summoning location) or next new moon/full moon (if that happens earlier, in case of being on the poles) at which point they vanish to their Meta Plane with all Services spent.

The Force sum of Spirits owing a service to a summoner may never be greater than twice his Charisma value.