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Every time a Character wants to perform something where the outcome is unclear and the result of the outcome potentially changes the future choices of a Character a Task needs to be resolved. Tasks always have a Task Difficulty and a Task Duration.

Tasks are resolved by comparing an appropriate Task Rating with a given Task Difficulty.

The Task Rating is calculated by adding and weighting various factors like Skills, Attributes, Task Modifiers and adding a roll of the Gaussian Die. The act of rolling the Gaussian Die in the context of Task Resolution is called performing a Test. Most Tests are Skill Tests in a sense that the Skill Rating is the major contribution to the Task Rating. In some cases the major contribution comes from an Attribute or a Derived Attribute. In most cases only a single roll of the Gaussian Die is needed to determine the outcome of a Test. Special cases are Opposed Tests where two rolls are needed.

Tests can be both Active or Passive.

Extended Tests

Most Tests are Extended Tests in a sense that they can take more time than expected. Every Test has a Base Time. If a character wants to take more ore less time than than the given Base Time, and the Game Master decides that this is possible in that case, the Test Quality can be increased or decreased according to the Time Modifier.

Teamwork Tests

A Test can also be a Teamwork Test between several Characters. In this case square add the results together.

Opposed Tests

In an Opposed Test the Task Difficulty of the opposing factions is given by their respective opponents Task Rating.

Test Quality

The resulting Test Quality, calculated by subtracting the Task Difficulty from the Task Rating, denotes the whether or not the task was completed successfully and the quality of the success or the failure. The game effect of a given Test Quality is exponential in a sense that most game effects (like Weapon Damage) double for every 10 points more in Test Quality.

[math]\text{game effect} \propto 2^\left(\text{Test Quality}/10\right)[/math]

Task Quality Description
Task Quality Description
-60+ epic fail
-60..-51 abysmal
-50..-41 lousy
-40..-31 very bad
-30..-21 bad
-20..-11 fail
-10..-1 almost
0..9 barely
10..19 acceptable
20..29 good
30..39 very good
40..49 excellent
50..59 spectacular
60+ legendary