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A Ward is a Passive Astral Entity representing a wall in Astral Space created by a magician or otherwise magically active entity. A Ward needs an anchor at least the size of a small car. A Ward is always moving with its anchor and is disrupted when the Anchor is destroyed.

Wards restrict passage of astral or dual-natured entities and act as negative modifier to all tests that involve locations at each side of a ward, be it Spellcasting, Banishing, Astral Perception and so on with their Force.

To cross a Ward there are the options to banish it, attack it in Astral Combat, destroying it by casting Spells on it, or bypass it using the Flux Metamagic. A Ward that is not disrupted outright might send a notification to its creator.

A disrupted Ward simply ceases to exist and has to be created anew.

Summoning a Ward

Summoning a ward is an opposed Test between the Ritual Magic Skill Rating of the magician and the Force of the Ward. The Base Time for the Test is Force/10 hours with a Drain equal to theForce of the Ward. A Ward lasts till the next New Moon/Full Moon.

Special Functions

A ward with a stealth function has a part or all of its Force allocated to a Stealth Rating which is determined when summoning the ward. The stealth Rating is a modifier for any Assensing Tests of the Ward especially for noticing the Ward in the first place. The part of the Force that is allocated to the stealth Rating does not hinder Astral Perception or Spellcasting.

A Ward with an Active Alarm Function instantly notifies the creator of the ward when somebody tries to cross the ward, including a failed bypassing attempt, the ward is attacked, or subject of a banishing test. A Passive Alarm Function notifies the creator when the ward is destroyed. Both notification attempts have a range in kilometers equal to the Wards Force and are blocked by Wards with a higher Force than the notifying Ward.

Ward Summoning Table
Description Modifier
Force Force
Largest Diameter D (log(D)/log(2)-2)*10
Passive Alarm Function +10
Active Alarm Function +20
Stealth Function Rating/2